What is Legendary Gamers ?

Legendary Gamers is the CHAMPION of eSports! Welcome to a community of gamers looking to show off their skills and go head to head in games such as FIFA, MADDEN, NBA2K, TEKKEN, INJUSTICE, MORTAL KOMBAT & MORE.

Legendary Gamers Community makes it easy to play in local and non-local gaming tournaments. It’s easy to create challenges and find matches for all skill levels.

The Legendary Gamers app makes it easy to register for competitions, manage your teams, find matches, submit scores and more, all from your mobile device. Some of the rules are listed bellow:

Rules :

Gamers must be 18 or older to compete

Gamers are responsible for the power source of their consoles. If your gaming console lose power, you lose by default

Gamers are responsible for their Internet broadband connection. If your Internet connections lose power, you lose by default. *Unless both gamers Internet lag.

The use of stolen or lost debit and credit cards leads to your profile termination indefinitely and you will be reported to authorities. * Cheaters will never be allowed back into the community. We follow the 1 and DONE rule.

To be Legendary you must be a good sportsman. Trash talk is ok but disrespect is not! No racial, sexist or vulgar comments allowed.

Pricing Structure

Gamers can play with a variety of currencies and payment methods. Gamers can add funds to their gamer account free of charge.

Tournament entry is minimum of $5

Each game has a 10% gamer fee

Gamers must deposit at least $10 into their gamer account.

Gamers can use Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Amex to add funds to your Legendary Gamers Account

Gamers can use Debit Cards, PayPal and ACH to withdrawal funds from Legendary Gamers.

Debit Card- Funds will be deposited to the bank account via the Debit Card number you enter. $3 Fee and funds will be available within 5-30 minutes.

PayPal- Funds are deposited directly into your PayPal account. $2 Fee and funds are available instantly.

Refund Policy

There is only ONE way to get a refund and that is if both gamers Internet broadband connection severely lags. Both gamers will be refunded instantly. We have safety mechanisms in place to make sure your gamer account stays safe. For example: Gamers have the option to request their password to be entered every time they want to create or accept challenges and to withdraw funds.